Kevin Taylor

About KT

In 1987, at the age of 25, self-taught chef and Denver native Kevin Taylor opened Zenith American Grill, serving his unique take on southwestern cuisine. Six months after opening, Zenith was among the three top-rated restaurants in Denver. Awards and recognition were garnered from local press and more than 25 national media outlets, including Bon Appetit, Restaurant Hospitality and GQ. Zenith also earned a prized four-star rating, securing Taylor’s place on the culinary map.

Since then, Taylor has opened many successful restaurants, all appealing to those with a sophisticated palette, as well as a love for the arts. Although each restaurant’s menu and style offers diners a singular experience, Taylor’s belief in fresh ingredients and beautiful presentation is a common thread throughout all.

“When I cook, the first and foremost thought in my mind is that each guest needs to be wowed,” says Taylor. “I take perfection seriously and am constantly looking for ways to improve myself as a chef, the food, the ambiance and setting, and how people feel when they dine in any of our restaurants. Food is just a portion of the overall guest experience; I often ask myself how contemporary cuisine can be better, and go from there.”